Networking isn't just about shaking hands and exchanging business cards. Meet people you never knew existed. This is a small community, but we don't have to limit ourselves to a small network of people.


So you're all grown up and already know everything there is to know? Yeah, we didn't think so. By stretching your circles, your knowledge and your comfort zone, your perspective changes and matures. C'mon, try it out.


Through meeting new people and learning about our community, we hope you will find the outlet you've been searching for. Though activities and volunteering, we engage in the community around us and and at the same time find what drives us.

YP = Young Professionals

Keweenaw Young Professionals is a group for young professionals to be social, network, get involved in the community and have fun. Most importantly, this group is dynamic. We aim to evolve to the needs of YOU.

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