Make a Difference at Maasto Hiihto

We have another work bee coming up at Maasto this Saturday morning in
conjunction with Make A Difference Day. Volunteers are asked to meet at
the Tomasi Trailhead next to the Hancock Department of Public Works at
9:30 am on October 20.

In July we repositioned a boardwalk that was damaged and knocked off its
moorings by the Father's Day Flood. This Saturday we will work on
improving that boardwalk by adding an extension with support from the
Keweenaw Community Foundation Cross Country Skiing endowment. A lot of
lumber needs to be moved by one group while a second group works on
salvaging lumber from other bridges downstream destroyed in the flood.
Work gloves is all you need to help out but if you have a battery
powered drill drivers, bring it (with fully charged batteries). For more
information contact John Diebel 281-1486 /